Examples faculties

Below are some examples of faculty and cross-faculty projects that are (partly) made possible by NPO funding.

Peer Coaching Programme

First-year students from 12 different Bachelor's programmes of the Faculty of Humanities will be guided by peer coaches through a combination of group meetings, individual discussions and informal contact. The peer coaches, in turn, are guided through training and intervision by wellbeing trainers and study advisors. The aim is to improve the bond with each other and the university, and to increase community formation.

Future Learning Spaces

In the former canteen of the Minnaert building, a Learning Plaza is being realised. This is a place where you can spend time with fellow students and also an informal learning environment where you can work together on assignments under the supervision of a lecturer. It has a living room setting with sofas, a kitchenette, board games, etc. This project is an experiment with the aim of finding out whether more of these learning environments contribute to the function of the UU campus. 

Campaign 'open and stimulating learning environment'

The Faculty of Medicine will launch an awareness-raising campaign focusing on positive, professional and respectful behaviour. The campaign aims to create a safe, open and stimulating learning and working environment for all students and staff of the Faculty of Medicine and master's students of the Graduate School of Life Sciences. This includes indicating needs and boundaries, giving feedback and asking questions, and clarifying frameworks and expectations.

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