Leadership Programme

In the interdisciplinary Leadership Programme students learn what it takes to become a good leader

The Leadership programme is an extracurricular honours programme for students interested in advancing their leadership skills. You can follow this programme (10 EC) on top of any Master’s degree at Utrecht University. The working language of the Leadership Programme is English. However some elements are offered in Dutch when preferred (e.g., personal development intervision, skills trainings, a few College Tours and Leader-to-Shadow). 

Theory Sessions

The Leadership Programme is designed for students that are eager to learn about interdisciplinary theories and how leadership functions in daily practice, all while discovering and developing their own personal leadership style. Our theory sessions will be hosted by guest lecturers from various disciplines who will share their expertise in leadership. For example, by looking through the lens of psychology, you'll discover how leaders can exert influence. Moreover, from a governance standpoint, you'll learn how leaders address crucial decisions with multiple high stake factors, while a rhetoric and psychology perspective will reveal the role that charisma plays in leadership. By applying this theoretical framework to practical leadership issues, you'll come to better grasp what it means to be a leader in a globalizing world. 

Leadership in Practice

During the interactive and intimate College Tours, you can engage with leaders from different domains in society, such as business, culture, higher education, and politics. In the last study period, you will submerge yourself together with co-students within the real-life practice of a leader in society, applying your new knowledge to their actual dilemmas and possibly observing them within their organization.

Personal Development and Skills

Over the course of the year, various training courses will be hosted by experts from inside and outside the UU, focusing on themes such as personal leadership, decision-making, influencing and motivation, as well as public speaking. Personal development is central to the program, hence you will have the opportunity to reflect on your desired skills and how to develop them during intervision meetings throughout the year. 

Upon the successful completion of the programme, you will have developed a personal perspective of leadership and will be able to position yourself as a leader within this framework. Moreover, you will receive 10 EC's of extracurricular credit and an Honours certificate.

Students with Leaders (Upper Left: Mo Allach; Upper Right: Therese Nleng, Lower Left: Max Schalow and Chingishkan Kaakhstan; Lower Right: Therese Nleng)
Students working with interactive projects

Leaders and Organizations

Leaders who have been involved in the programme include Cathelijne Broers (Director of Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds), Ernst van de Weert (Executive Director of Global Legal Affairs Heineken), Fred Teeven (former State Secretary for Security and Justice), Kim van Sparrentak (European Parliament), Pieter Duisenberg (President of the Association of Universities), Marieke van Schaik (Director of Red Cross), Ron Jans (Head coach of FC Twente), Jacco Eltingh (Commercial Director of KNLTB), Mohammed Allach (Technical Director of RKC), Thérese Nleng (Director of Rutgers), Max Schalow and Chingiskhan Kazakhstan (Bondi), Koen Brinkgreve (Ex-military Officer, Leadership Trainer, and Breathing Coach) and Robert van Zanten (Founder of NCOI).