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Below you can read examples of events organised with the help of the NPO grant provided to student organisations in the academic year 2021 - 2022. These examples can serve as an inspiration for new events. Please note that in the academic year 2022 - 2023 there is no grant available for community events. 

Theatersportgroep Parnassos

TSGP improvisational show

Theatersportgroep Parnassos (TSGP) organised a fully improvised musical performance with the theme 'In Da Groove'. In this theatre performance, they played against another improvisation team. With the help of a live band, musical games were played. Thanks to the NPO grant, they were able to rent a space, among other things.

ESN Utrecht

ESN Utrecht on the beach

ESN Utrecht organised a committee weekend with the help of the NPO grant. During the weekend, several interactive and substantive activities were organised. These activities promoted contact between the members. The NPO grant allowed more members to join the weekend and the threshold for enrolment was lower.

SV Aladdin

SV Aladdin

SV Aladdin is the study association for the studies Religious Sciences and Islam & Arabic. They used the NPO grant for a study trip to the Liberal Jewish Congregation in Amsterdam, a synagogue and the Portuguese Synagogue. Here, they have had several tours and learned about Judaism.

Enactus Utrecht

Enactus at the Koekfabriek

Enactus Utrecht has organised a Field Trip. During the Field Trip, they pedalled past three social enterprises in Utrecht. In this way, by scooter, they found the connection with the city. The members were inspired by successful start-ups: the students could ask questions and learn lessons from the businesses they visited. Enactus visited the Tafelboom, LEFT and the Koekfabriek.


Fairspace Stand-Up workshop

In cooperation with Fairspace, AEGEE-Utrecht has organised a Stand-Up workshop. This is a stand-up intervention workshop. In this workshop students were informed how they can actively contribute to a safe physical environment. AEGEE thought this was an important subject, because students have had a long period without physical and social interaction. After this workshop everyone enjoyed a pizza and a drink.


Workshops USAC

With the help of the NPO grant, USAC has been able to help 120 members in different contexts. USAC organised various events such as a hall tour, an acrobatics workshop, a cycling dinner and a festival. During the festival, students could participate in workshops, visit symposiums and listen to live music. Thanks to the NPO grant, students were able to participate in these activities almost entirely free of charge.

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