Programme Structure

Introduction Week in Utrecht

The Summer School kicks off on the 1st of July 2024 with an introduction week in Utrecht. During this week you learn about working in multidisciplinary groups or working on a multidisciplinary theme individually. You will also team up with your fellow group members and supervisor from Rome, Florence or Athens to start preparing your research question, method and format to ensure you are sufficiently prepared upon arrival at your destination. The introduction week consists of lectures, workshops, group work, guided tours and site visits. There are plenary sessions for all students, but since every institution has its own expertise and research framework, there will also be elements in the program tailor-made to the city you applied for.

Fieldwork in Athens, Rome or Florence

The ‘fieldwork’, i.e. the research you do on location will take place between the 15th and 26th of July in Rome and Athens, and between the 22nd of July and 2nd of August in Florence. There might be a program on location as well, depending on the institution and type of research. However, in general, it is expected of you and/or your group to operate autonomously, meaning you will dedicate a lot of time to self-study. Your assigned supervisor is there to steer you in the right direction, challenge you if needed, introduce you to local stakeholders, and suggest relevant literature (which might also be assigned before the introduction week starts, to give you a head start).

Diagram showing various notable dates of the summer school, outlined in the text.

Please keep in mind, the choice you make should not just be based on the preference for a city or country (it is not a holiday), but should be motivated by your research interests and ambitions.