Students are subject to a number of rights, duties, guidelines and regulations.

The Code of Conduct provides the framework for behaviour and reflection for employees and students of Utrecht University.

Utrecht University’s Code of Conduct on the Language of Instruction indicates which factors are important in determining the language of instruction, and what parameters are in place to regulate that decision.

Education and examination regulations

The Education and examination regulations describe the rules and regulations that all UU programmes have to adhere to. Every programme also has its own Education and Examination Regulations, in which the specific rules and regulations of that programme are described. You can find more information on the pages of your study programme.

Student Statute

Sets out all the rights and duties of students and the University. Download the 2020-2021 Students' Charter and the 2021-2022 Students' Charter.


  1. Regulations for Enrolment and Tuition fees 2021-2022 (pdf) and Regulations for Enrolment and Tuition fees 2022-2023 (pdf)
  2. Financial support scheme in cases of circumstances beyond one’s control (pdf)
  3. Regulations on financial support for internationalisation (including scholarships) (pdf)
  4. Management Scholarships Scheme for student members of university management bodies
  5. Management Scholarship Scheme for student managers in student organisations of Utrecht Hogeschool and Utrecht University
  6. Grant scheme for student organisations of Utrecht Hogeschool and Utrecht University
  7. Financial support for students completing extended Utrecht University Master’s programmes (Dutch)
  8. Financial support for students completing degree programmes without renewed accreditation
  9. Regulations relating to the use of ICT facilities at Utrecht University (pdf)
  10. Code of Conduct for the Prevention of Unacceptable Behaviour
  11. Complaints procedure concerning intimidation, aggression, violence and discrimination
  12. Code of Conduct (pdf)
  13. Administration and Management Regulations
  14. University Council Regulations
  15. Compensation for Elite Sports Students who have fallen behind schedule in their studies (pdf)
  16. Financial support scheme for international students affected by circumstances beyond one’s control

Fraud and plagiarism

Further elaboration on what may be considered fraud or plagiarism.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (pdf) for non-EU students with a residence permit for study purposes.

Elite Sports Students