Warm Winter Programme

As part of the Warm Welcome project, we are organising several activities for all international students who are staying in Utrecht over the winter holidays. Please see more information below and sign-up for the activities!

The Warm Winter programme is a wonderful chance to be with others and get to know new people and make this period as celebratory as possible, even if you cannot go home. For those who are looking for more, also check out some volunteering opportunities on the NL cares website that are happening in and around Utrecht over the winter break.


All of the events below are free of charge and we will e-mail all those who signed up with more details. Note that for the event on the 25th some extra costs may be involved.

Winter Solstice Gathering

This is the first event of the Warm Winter programme, on the longest night of the year! In this event, you can meet your fellow students and have drinks and snacks together! 

  • Thursday, 21 December, from 17:00 - 20:00.
  • Parnassos CultUUr Café, Kruisstraat 201, 3581 GK 


Christmas Day Dinner

Participate in this event to have a cosy dinner with a diverse menu in a small group! You can pickup the non-perishable ingredients (for free) beforehand at the Winter Solstice Gathering. 

  • Monday, 25 December, starting from 17:00. 
  • Hosted at one group member's house (you can volunteer to host when signing up). 
Warm Winter Walk

Let's take a nice walk together! We will provide you with a set route and meeting point, from which you can grab a drink and a snack before going on the walk.

  • Tuesday, 26 December, starting from 14:00. 
  • Cafe Cafca, Oudegracht 302, 3511 NX Utrecht

For later days of the week, you can organise your own walks based on other route options we will provide you. We highly recommend you to join the Winter Solstice Gathering, where you can make a group based on your interests. Then, you can choose the walks that best meet you and your group's interests! 

The deadline to sign up for these events has passed (Dec. 14). 

Stay safe & healthy and we look forward to connecting with you soon! You can follow all updates about Warm Welcome via Instagram