A Bright Conversation

In a Bright Conversation, you can talk to an experienced facilitator about life situations that are currently playing out or that are difficult or challenging for you. These can include (love) relationships, motivation problems, being sick, loss, loneliness, friendship, family, living, making choices, questions about the future. Sometimes that is just discussing your concerns with someone who is a good listener, other times it is about giving meaning, giving the experiences a place.

Life can confront you with all sorts of uncertainties, during a pandemic but in general as well. During every new situation you have to look for new answers. How do I take care of my mental health? How do I deal with pondering and stress? How can I relate to what is happening in the world? But also, how do I take care of my study rhythm or get to know people when I am new in Utrecht?

The Bright Conversation is an opportunity to reflect on everything that's quickly forgotten in a busy life, or on that which comes to the surface in an exceptional situation. Together, we can investigate what makes sense for you, what gives you meaning and what you feel like doing. Knowing what is of value to you, can give direction in your life. You can explore the bigger picture and adjust your choices accordingly. 

The different coaches are happy to talk to you and you can approach them all with the same questions or topics. Below you can read more about them and make a more specific choice if you wish.

Are you dealing with loss and grief? Perhaps participating in the grief group Good Mourning is something for you. Currently 'Good Mourning' is being offered in Dutch only, but if you would be interested in an English spoken group, please let us know via studentwellbeing@uu.nl