The UU Bright Conversations team invites you on an excursion. You are invited to join an afternoon hike in a forest, to facilitate more connections between students, staff… and nature. We will go to a very beautiful nearby forest, with wide-open sand dunes, about 20 minutes away from UU. It is a northerly part of the Heuvelrug National Park , known as the Soester Duinen

Places are limited so don't wait too lang to register. More details will follow after that. Face-masks will be obligatory on the bus journeys, and social distancing compulsory (no mask required) whilst we’re out enjoying nature. Bring some water/snacks and wear clothes you can comfortably walk in… the pathways are very sandy and bumpy! Anybody with covid-19 symptoms, or in quarantine, should please stay at home that day.

On the afternoon of Thursday 27th May. A bus will depart from outside the Educatorium on Leuvenlaan 19, at 13.30 and we’ll be back at USP by around 17.00.




In a Bright Conversation, you can talk to an experienced facilitator about life situations that are currently playing out or that are difficult or challenging for you. These can include (love) relationships, motivation problems, being sick, loss, loneliness, friendship, family, living, making choices, questions about the future. We explore what is going on in you and look for what is beneficial for you in this situation. Sometimes that is just discussing your concerns with someone who is a good listener. Sometimes it is about giving meaning, giving the experiences a place.  The university finds it important that you find an ear for what is going on in you.

The coronavirus turns our lives upside down, even when you're not sick. Lots of online study, limited meetings with friends and family. Alone in a room or living with your parents again...it can confront you with all sorts of uncertainties. In this new situation, everyone has to look for new answers. How do I take care of my mental health when I am alone a lot? How do I take care of my study rhythm? How do I get to know people when I am new in Utrecht? How do I deal with pondering and stress? How can I relate to what is happening in the world?

Apart from the corona crisis, you can also use this Bright Conversation to investigate what makes sense for you, what gives you meaning and what you feel like doing. Knowing what is of value to you, can give direction in your life. You can explore the bigger picture and adjust your choices accordingly. 

The Bright Conversation is an opportunity to reflect on everything that's quickly forgotten in a busy life, or on that which comes to the surface in an exceptional situation.

The video was made pre-coronavirus. The conversation will be by telephone, in line with the measurements taken.