The coronavirus messes up a lot of lives, even when you're not sick. Studying at home, not seeing any friends, maybe being far away from your family... that can confront you with all sorts of uncertainties. In this completely new situation, everyone has to look for new answers. How do I take care of my mental health when I am home alone a lot? How do I take care of a study rhythm?  How do I deal with my pondering and stress? How can I relate to what is happening in the world?

In a Bright Conversation, you can discuss how you deal with life situations with an experienced facilitator. We explore what is going on and how you experience everything, and look for what is beneficial for you in this situation. Sometimes, that is just discussing your concerns with someone who is a good listener. Sometimes, it is about giving meaning, giving the experiences a place. Sometimes, you'll get suggestions that can help against pondering. The university finds it important that you find someone to listen to what is going on in your daily life.

Apart from the corona crisis, you can also use this Bright Conversation to investigate what makes sense for you, what gives you meaning and what you feel like doing. Knowing what is of value to you, can give direction in your life. You can explore the bigger picture and adjust your choices accordingly. 

The Bright Conversation is an opportunity to reflect on everything that's quickly forgotten in a busy life, or on that which comes to the surface in an exceptional situation.

The video was made pre-coronavirus. The conversation will be by telephone, in line with the measurements taken.