Student surveys

Utrecht University highly values the experiences and needs of students when developing policies. We want to collect this information in a reliable way. In doing so, we comply with laws and regulations such as the GDPR. In this regard, we also collaborate with other universities. The emphasis is always on the intention that we request, process and store as little data as possible.

National surveys  

Every year, we participate in the following national surveys:

Own surveys

We also conduct our own research in order to develop new policies or programmes such as:

  • The evaluations held in period one and three on educational quality and student welfare during the corona pandemic 
  • The Belonging@UU questionnaire about the degree of feeling at home or belonging to Utrecht University community

For these surveys, the Executive Board will assess whether the surveys are desirable and the suitable timeline they can best be carried out.

In addition, it is possible that individual surveys are held per study programme or faculty to improve policy and services. For example, a number of faculties have recently conducted surveys on student welfare and student communication.

Conducting your own survey

We regularly receive questions whether the university can help with the distribution of questionnaires that have been drawn up within the framework of students' graduation research (thesis). For various reasons we regret to have to decline these kinds of requests. We advise students who want to do their own research among the student population to use their own network to recruit respondents (fellow students, associations, social media).

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact Institutional Research via