Study support group for students with a diagnosis of ADHD/ADD (Dutch)

Please note: this group is only Dutch-spoken.

If you suffer from ADHD/ADD, this can create additional challenges while studying. Think about making a realistic schedule and then being able to stick to it, doing too much at once or losing track of what needs to be done in order to study effectively. Keeping the balance between all the other fun things and challenges and studying can sometimes be challenging due to ADHD/ADD. If you find that you are struggling to study, the student psychologists of Utrecht University offer the study support group for students with a diagnosis of ADHD/ADD.


  • Learning to study with an ADHD/ADD diagnosis.
  • Learning to study and plan independently.
  • Learning to recognize and challenge negative beliefs regarding your AD(H)D.
  • Learning to use supportive and helping thoughts effectively.
  • Learning skills to study successfully and with pleasure.

Group meetings

The group meets once a week and consists of a set number of meetings. Each meeting has a set theme, often a component or aspect that comes around the corner in ADHD/ADD. You will relate each topic to your own situation using assignments and homework. For this, an active commitment and participation is expected from each participant. At the end of the program you will have learned more about how ADHD/ADD manifests itself in you and how you can learn to deal with it better.

For who?

Students from Utrecht University with a diagnosis of ADHD/ADD. It is important that you are motivated to actively participate.


7-weekly meetings and 1 return meeting a month later.

Please note! You must have an intake with a student psychologist first before participating in the group.


To participate in the study-with-AD(H)D group, you must first sign up for an intake with a student psychologist. During this interview we will see if the study-with-AD(H)D group meets your needs and goals. If this is the case, the psychologist will put you on the application list for the group and we will coordinate when you can start.
NOTE: participation in the group requires an intake interview, a short consultation is not suitable for this purpose.


A one-time fee of 25 euros, to be paid by means of iDeal when making an appointment for an intake. (If you have already had a recent intake with the student psychologists, this does not apply).

For this group a purchase of a workbook is necessary. This is the workbook: Los van de chaos, werkboek voor cliënten van Sanne E. Vink (ISBN 978-90-368-2478-1). 


inimum of 6 participants required.

Please note that this is a short-term group consisting of a set number of meetings, after which the group will stop. Should you be interested in an ongoing group focused on peers contact, it is advised that you look at Enik Recovery College. For example, at the recovery group: Dealing with Attention.