University-wide Honours Programmes (MA)

University-wide Master's Honours Programmes

Graduate Honours Interdisciplinary Seminars​ (GHIS)

In the Graduate Honours Interdisciplinary Seminars (GHIS, 10 EC) you will meet students from other disciplines in a series of small scale seminars. Under the supervision of leading UU researchers, you will study relevant social themes. These research themes range from privacy and globalization to DNA and complex systems. With GHIS, you'll follow one seminar per study block and end the year with an interdisciplinary group project. GHIS is offered in English and is available to all UU Master's students

Leadership Programme

In the Leadership Program (10 EC) you will discover what kind of leader you are or want to be. You will apply knowledge from different disciplines to real leadership dilemmas and gaina a better understanding on what it means to be a leader in a globalized world. You will follow workshops (including public speaking, conflict management) organized by experts, such as UU professors and external parties. During the interactive and intimate College Tours you will come into contact with leaders from different domains in society. You end the year by shadowing a leader for the Leader to Shadow segment. The Leadership Programme has both an English and Dutch track and is available to all Master's students of the UU. 

Young Innovators

Young Innovators (15 EC) is an honours programme for curious and engaged students who want to tackle challenges about sustainability and social well-being. Here, you are empowered to become a change maker who works for and on a better world. With Young Innovators, you'll work in interdisciplinary teams on projects that shape social innovation. Young Innovators is offered in English and is available to all UU Master's students.


UniCity (15 EC) is an honours programme that connects the university with the city.  As a collective of students, residents, and researchers, together you'll research what goes on in Utrecht in all of its diversity and dynamism. The programme is guided by what participants observe and engage with in terms of social activities, spatial surroundings and the ecology of the city. To understand what goes on in the city, we bridge disciplines and societal perspectives, and create products that make academic insights accessible to wider audiences. The programme is offered in Dutch and is available to all UU Master's students.

The honours programmes are open to all students and can be done alongside your regular Master's programme. There is usually a selection procedure.