When you go abroad you need to take into consideration what the expenses will be. Your budget might place restrictions on which university you can attend. If you go on an exchange you will pay the regular full-time tuition fee to Utrecht University, and no tuition abroad.

Before you apply you will need to make an estimation of the expenses. Consider the costs for housing, insurance, travel expenses, and the cost of living in the country. Keep in mind that even within a country, the costs can vary between different destinations.

In your financial plan – part of the application – you need to include the types of funding you have available (savings, DUO loans, grants, etc). You can find a summary of the most important grants below. 

For more grants, visit www.european-funding-guide.eu, or ‘Beursopener’ (in Dutch only). For more information about funding your time abroad, see here

Note: Some (external) funds demand a letter of recommendation from a student counsellor together with the application. More information about a  letter of recommendation from a student counsellor.

Utrecht University scholarships
Erasmus+ grant

For an exchange programme/internship within Europe (EU/EER). More information.

Holland Scholarship

For students who want to study or do research outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

More information.

Travel Green Grant

For students going on study exchange within Europe the green way (train/bus). 

More information

Yvoor fonds

For a short study period abroad.

More information on the U-Fund website (only in Dutch).


External scholarships
British Council scholarships and grants

For scholarships and grants in the United Kingdom.

More information.

Collegio dei Fiamminghi

For a research project in Bologna, Italy.

More information 

Cultural agreements

Within the scope of specific cultural agreements.

More information.

DIA-Stipendium Germany

For students and researchers who are going to Germany for their exchange, master or research.

More information (in Dutch).


ECHO Foundation Grant

For ethnic students.

More information (in Dutch only).

NIKI Grant

For a study group/research internship at the Dutch Inter-university Art History Institute (NIKI) in Florence, Italy.

More information.

Scholarship Portal

This website integrates the funding opportunities for studying, working or performing research in one of the European nations.

More information.

Utrecht Network Young researchers grant

Utrecht Network Young researchers grant for a Master’s or PhD research project at one of the other Utrecht Network universities

More information

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