Costs and funding

When you go abroad you need to take into consideration what the expenses will be. Your budget might place restrictions on which university you can attend. If you go on an exchange you will pay the regular full-time tuition fee to Utrecht University, and no tuition abroad.


Before you apply you will need to make an estimation of the expenses. Consider the costs for housing, insurance, travel expenses, and the cost of living in the country. Keep in mind that even within a country, the costs can vary between different destinations. On most destination pages under the heading 'costs' you can find information about the costs you have to take into account when you go to a particular country or university. .


In your financial plan – part of the application – you need to include the types of funding you have available (savings, DUO loans, grants, etc). Making a budget plan can help you get an overview. During the study abroad weeks we giva a workshop on financing your exchange, check the 'study abroad weeks' paged for a spreadsheet and an FAQ. In addition, there are a number of scholarships for exchanges outside Europe. More information on scholarships can be found here.