What are the costs of an exchange?

Are you going on an exchange? It’s important to consider the costs. Your budget may influence your choice of exchange destination. When you go on exchange you continue to pay the regular full-time tuition fee to Utrecht University. You do not pay tuition fees abroad.

You can find the slides for the Workshop ‘How do I finance ik my exchange' here. Look under "Slides Study Abroad Weeks" on this page for more information.

Estimate your costs

Before you apply, it is important to make an estimate of the expenses you will have each month. Take account of:

  • Room rent
  • Insurance
  • Travel expenses
  • Living costs
  • Extra fees that some universities charge

Remember that the costs can vary considerably per country. On most of our destinations pages under the heading ‘costs’ you will find information. During the Study Abroad Weeks, you can join a workshop which will give you a better idea of how to finance your exchange.

Make a list of your income

It is useful to make a list of all the income you have:

  • Savings
  • DUO loan
  • Parental contribution 
  • Grant

It can help to make a budget for yourself.
More information is available on the Study Abroad Weeks page.

There are also grants for exchanges within and outside Europe. You can find more information on grants here.