Career Services

Career Services helps to build the bridge between students, degree programmes and the job market by thoroughly preparing students for working life. We offer tailor-made workshops, personal coaching sessions, several events and CV checks, and provide you with information about alumni and their careers. Career Services is open to students and PhD candidates, and we are in direct contact with many different companies.

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After graduation

Are you ready to find your first job but unsure where or how to start your search? Up to six months after graduation you can still visit Career Services, join our workshops, fill in online tests, get a resume check and practice a job interview.

After you graduate, you are no longer a student, but an alumnus. Alumni will always be an important part of Utrecht's university community. That is why we organise events for alumni and keep them informed of what is going on at our university through the alumni magazine Illuster and the alumni e-mail newsletter, among other things. Check out this website for more information.

Are you a foreign student?

Are you considering staying in the Netherlands after you graduate? Have a look at the Holland Alumni Network website, which contains lots of useful information. Would you like to know more about working in the Utrecht region? Have a look at Utrecht Region website for more specific information.