GHIS students discuss and study the strategic themes and focus areas of Utrecht University's research in international, interdisciplinary groups

Master students looking for an intellectual challenge can participate in an extracurricular honours programme called Graduate Honours Interdisciplinary Seminars (GHIS). These seminars can be attended next to any Master's programme of Utrecht University.

Interdisciplinary research and education

Via close discussions with researchers, students will get a closer understanding of what it means to carry out interdisciplinary research, what obstacles researchers face, how to set-up an interdisciplinary research and how to communicate about research with researchers from other disciplines and laymen. You will also learn how to optimize your writing and presenting of an interdisciplinary research proposal.

Strategic themes

GHIS consists of a series of small-scale seminars about the focus areas of UU research. The topics will be diverse: ranging from global health issues and transition towards sustainability to trends in youth culture and philosophy of science. Classes will be given by well-known professors like Marc Bonten, Herman Philipse, Rosi Braidotti, José van Dijck, Hans Clevers en Henk Kummeling.