What is the NSE? 
The NSE is a large-scale annual survey that invites nearly all higher education students in the Netherlands to give their views about the various aspects of their learning experience.

What topics does the NSE cover?
The NSE is a wide-ranging survey on the various aspects of your learning experience, such as the content of your degree programme; your teachers; information provision by your programme; learning and study facilities; study load; and assessment and grading.

Why should I take part in the NSE?
The NSE is a key feedback tool for Utrecht University. By taking part in the NSE, you help us improve the academic experience for our current and future students.

When can I complete the NSE?
The survey will be open from 15 January until 11 March.
An invitation will be sent to your UU email address with a link to the survey. Tip: complete the survey straight away! You will continue to receive reminders every 2 weeks until you completed the survey.

How long does it take to complete the survey?
The survey takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete and covers all the aspects of studying at Utrecht University: from programme content to available study facilities.

Can I save the survey halfway through and come back to it later?
Yes, you can. You reclick the link and continue where you left off.

What should I do if I do not receive an invitation email?
Only those students whose main enrolment is with Utrecht University will be invited to take part in the NSE. If this applies to you and if the invitation email did not get spam-binned, contact student@nse.nl. On www.nse.nl you can also resend your personal link. You will be asked for your UU address. You will receive your personal link to this address.

What will Utrecht University do with the NSE results?
Using your feedback, we decide which areas to focus on in the year to come. So by taking part in the survey, you are making a direct contribution to improving the quality of your programme.

What did Utrecht University do with NSE results in former years?

  • As students you rightly attach great importance to a sufficient number of study spots. Last year we increased the number of study places. We also introduced the Studyspot app to actively inform you of the location of available study spots. University Library De Uithof is currently looking into further areas for additional study spots in the near future.
  • You were also critical of the course schedules. This is a very complex issue and unfortunately we cannot satisfy all of you. What we can do is inform you as well as possible. That’s why we launched the MyUU app in September. It allows you to check your personal schedule both on Android and Apple devices. The app always provides you with the most up to date schedules including any changes. Download the MyUU app via the iTunes App store or Google Play.  
De oude ruimtes in het Androclusgebouw / What the rooms in the Androclus looked like before
National Student Survey 2017
De nieuwe ruimtes in het Androclusgebouw / The refurbished rooms in the Androclus building

For what other purposes are the NSE results used?
The NSE results are used by organisations such as Studiekeuze123.nl and Keuzegids Hoger Onderwijs to provide programme information to incoming students. The Best Degree Programmes Elsevier Guide is also based on NSE data.

What do I get for completing the survey?

A chance to win:

  • 1 KILROY Travel voucher (value €2.000)
  • 500 Ticketmaster gift cards (value €20) for a concert, festival, show or sporting event

Utrecht University also has a number of prizes, such as:

  • 50-hooded sweaters 'Utrecht University 1636'
  • 50 vouchers for 5x coffee / tea of choice at Gutenberg, Goliath or Louis

Who commissions the NSE?
The NSE falls under the responsibility of Stichting Studiekeuze123. Stichting Studiekeuze123 was initiated by the Council for Universities of Applied Sciences, the Dutch Council for Training and Education, the Association of Universities in the Netherlands and the student organisations LSVb and ISO; it thus represents the entire higher education sector in the Netherlands.

Who administers the NSE?
The NSE is administered by Intomart GfK.

Is participation in the NSE confidential?
Participation in the NSE is confidential. The survey results will never be traceable to you personally and any reports from this survey will not identify any individuals. No reports will be made on groups of fewer than 10 students.

When will the survey results be available?
The NSE 2018 results will be posted via www.nse.nl/online (Dutch) June 2018.

National Student Survey 2017