From Bachelor to Master

Once you have completed your bachelor's degree, you can pursue a master's degree. Keep in mind that some masters have entrance requirements. Check these on time, so there are no surprises. Make sure to select your electives, internship or minor early on. 
Your tutor and study advisor can advise you in making choices in your study programme. Contact your program to see which master's programs are compatible with your bachelor's programme.


Other masters or work

Take a look at the site for prospective masters students to see what other masters Utrecht University offers. You can also choose to do a master's at another (Dutch) university. Keep in mind that there are often additional requirements and that a pre-master is sometimes required. Once you have completed your bachelor, you can also start looking for a job. Check out Career Services for tips, help or advice.

Help choosing a master's degree

Are you still hesitating about your choice or do you not know whether you want to do a master's? Take a look at the information on choosing a master's. In the workshop Master Choice and Career you will learn how to tackle this. You can also make an appointment with the Study Choice Advisor.