'Van binnen naar buiten' (Dutch)

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NB: currently scheduled on Thursday mornings, but it may be possible to switch to Tuesdays. If you are interested but can only attend on Tuesdays, please let us know by e-mail at info@bermbuitencoaching.nl.

Do you frequently find yourself caught up in your thoughts? Do you tend to set lofty expectations for yourself? Is relaxation something you struggle with?

Do you ever find yourself recognizing these sentiments and experiencing moments of solitude in them? In our MDT "Van binnen naar buiten" sessions, we come together to explore themes like relaxation, energy, limits, compassion, and talent. Engaging in enjoyable exercises amidst nature, our aim is to foster a connection with both yourself and your surroundings. Following this, armed with newfound insights, you'll delve into exploring how you can leverage your strengths to make a positive impact on others. Whether it's conceiving your own activity, like starting a walking group or creating a podcast, or becoming part of an existing project, the goal is to make a meaningful difference for both someone else and yourself.

Make a difference for someone else and yourself!

Lida and Janneke (Berm Buiten Coaching)


Please contact studentwellbeing@uu.nl if you have any questions regarding this workshop

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