Step-by-step plan study choice

studenten aan het werk

Follow the step-by-step plan and find the bachelor's programme that suits you best.

  1. Know yourself
    What excites you? What do you like to do? What can you do well? List your strengths and weaknesses. Also make a list of your interests, qualities, talents and skills. Talk about it with people who know you well.
  2. Your ideal study
    What requirements do you set for a course of study? What do you expect from it? Draw up a list of criteria. Think about content, forms of study, level, career opportunities, atmosphere and location. What is important to you?
  3. Explore the possibilities
    Collect all the information you can find. Look on the Internet, read brochures, go to open days or information meetings and talk to study advisors. Are you not ready to start studying yet? Then look at other possibilities.
  4. Compare the programmes
    Compare the study programmes that match your interests, capacities and wishes. Take a close look at several studies. Meeloopdagen are a must! For admission to bachelor's programmes it is compulsory to go through matching. This is meant to help you choose the right study. You can follow a matching procedure at several study programmes. Please note the application date for this.
  5. Make a decision
    Above all, consider which programme is best for you at this moment. This may change later on, but this need not be a problem. During your studies, you will learn to analyse, argue, report and present at an academic level. You will carry this baggage with you into later life, wherever you end up.
    A decision usually comes naturally if you have enough information about yourself and about the possibilities. If it makes you happy and energetic, it is usually the right choice. Is that not the case or do you continue to have doubts? Take more time. A year of working or travelling first can often provide new insights. Whatever you do, make sure it is your choice.