Financial arrangements

As a student, you can apply for financial support from Utrecht University or other official bodies. There are various possibilities and arrangements.

  • If you are a full-time student and your studies have been delayed as a result of circumstances beyond your control, you may be able to receive financial compensation from Utrecht University. More information on 'Cirumstances beyond your control'.
  • Utrecht University values sporting talent. Talented athletes can therefore apply for specially tailored facilities, like study support and financial assistance. More information on 'Elite Sports Students'.
  • Utrecht University can offer students a financial compensation when they join aboard or a committee of a student organisation, or university administrative or advisory body. More information on and 'Compensation for board activities'.
  • In some cases, you can make use of funds or private funds. This may apply to students with financial problems who experience a prolonged delay in their studies as a result. Another example are students who face additional expenses as a result of a disability or chronic illness or refugee students who cannot fully fund their studies. For further information, contact a Student Counsellor, via Student Services.
  • Do you want to go abroad for further your studies or do research? Every year, hundreds of students go to universities abroad aided by grants. More information on 'Study abroad'.