Schedule an appointment with Student Psychologist

  • Short online screening

    From now on, you must first book a short online consultation via the website. This consultation is free of charge and there are many spots available. In this consultation of 15 minutes the psychologist examines which care best suits your needs. If it is assessed that an intake with the student psychologist is indeed the best fit, you receive a link with which you can book an intake themselves. With this new way of working, we hope to direct students to the right care faster and reduce the waiting time for intakes.

    Get started on your own

    • You can actively work to improve your mental wellbeing by using the online programs of Caring Universities. If you want to get started dealing with stress, improving your mood or reducing procrastination, you can sign up for an online free program.
    • Check out the complete wellbeing offer at Utrecht University, where you can find information about support, trainings and activities. In case you are wondering who to contact with your question, please visit the Who to contact page.

    In case of urgency

    If your problems are so serious that you cannot wait for an appointment with the student psychologists, be sure to contact your own GP. You can often get an appointment at short notice. Outside office hours or at weekends, you can contact the emergency post at 0881309670. For more information, please check the website of the emergency post Utrecht.

    In case of emergency

    Do you have suicidal thoughts? Or are you worried about someone with suicidal thoughts? Talk about it. Call 0800-0113 or chat via Open 24/7, anonymous and confidential. Always contact 112 in acute situations.

Our student counselling is mainly on location, but online guidance is also possible.

What do the student psychologists do?

Student psychologists offer short-term help with study problems and/or mild personal problems, such as:

  • Low mood
  • Anxiety, for example:
      • Fear of failure
      • Social anxiety
      • Worrying easily/overthinking
  • Problems related to autism, ADHD or learning disabilities (we do not do psychodiagnostic assessment)
  • Problems related to giftedness
  • Negative self-image/lack of self-confidence
  • (Study)stress-related complaints
  • Personal circumstances (such as the death of a loved one or coping with an illness or disability)

We are available for students at Utrecht University and students at the University of Humanistic Studies. For international students, Utrecht University's student psychologists work closely with the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. Read more information here and book an appointment.

Please note: international (non-Dutch speaking) students are involved in the intake (initial assessment) procedure. If you would rather not take part in this partnership-programme, but would prefer to visit a student psychologist directly, you can book an appointment here and choose for the option ‘Intake Science Park’ or ‘Intake online’.


Depending on what is discussed during the initial meeting, there are a few options:

  • The student psychologist may recommend a series of individual meetings, with the aim of further clarifying your problem and identifying the best approaches to address it. The student psychologists work according to a short-term support model. In general, a series will involve no more than five meetings. The meetings are strictly confidential and free of charge.
  • You may also be advised to go to another professional or appropriate institution - within or outside the university - for further assistance.


The Studentenpsychologen will consider external referral;

  • If longer-term (more than 5 sessions) or more specialised help is needed, e.g. for
    • Addiction problems
    • Psychiatric disorders such as OCS, complex anxiety disorders, complex trauma, eating disorders, personality disorders, psychosis
    • Self-harm/self-mutilation.
  • If symptoms are urgent or severe, e.g. prolonged and severe gloom, regularly thinking of suicide, lying in bed all day, dissociation with reality or if you no longer dare to go out alone or have contact with others.
  • If there are more problems that exist simultaneously in different areas of life or over a long period of time, or where previous treatment has not helped sufficiently so far.
  • If there is a demand for psychological assessment/a diagnosis. For example, ADHD / autism assessment, intelligence assessment or personality assessment.

If the advice is to refer you to a professional or institution outside the university, your general practitioner (GP) will need to write you a formal referral. It is important that you are registered with a GP in the Netherlands. The student psychologists offer help in finding a suitable place for you to be referred to. Your GP can also advice you in this. If you cannot afford treatment outside university, make a (free) appointment with the 'buurtteam' (neighbourhood team), also called district team or social team, or 'wijkteam/sociaal team'. They can find out with you what your options are.

If you think that counselling by the student psychologist will not be appropriate or sufficient, we advise you to contact your GP directly. When in doubt, use our short screening to consult us.

What are the costs?

The cost of an intake appointment is 25 euros. After this initial appointment, any further appointments are free of charge. We accept payment through Ideal or creditcard. Please note: the fee is non-refundable, unless there is a valid reason for cancellation. If you do have to cancel your appointment, please contact us by email.  

Please note: we prefer to communicate via the UU e-mail address due to the security of privacy-sensitive information. You will receive mail from us, e.g. the link for online appointments, therefore in your student mailbox.

How to book an appointment?

You can schedule an intake appointment in the calendar below. Do this with your student email address. Sometimes there are no open slots for intake appointments. The student psychologists try to make new slots available every week, so make sure to check our website regularly.

In all cases you can contact your GP or the general practice center (on evenings/weekends). In case your problems are urgent or severe, we strongly advise you to do so. Appointments with a general practitioner are often available on short notice.

Cancelling an appointment?

Do you no longer need our help, e.g. because you are doing better or found help elsewhere? Please cancel your intake appointment by the link in the confirmation email you received. Then we can offer your spot to someone else.