Upload thesis for archiving

On this page you will find information concerning uploading your thesis for archiving and (if desired) publication. This process is broadly described. Please contact your own faculty for questions about the exact process.

For contact information per faculty, see the Faculty Student Desks page.

If your thesis is already published, see the Utrecht University Library page for more information and contact details.

Submitting your thesis

There are two ways of submitting your thesis:

  1. You have already uploaded your thesis in a Case via OSIRIS Student (for example for approval or assessment). You select this submitted document for archiving. You do not need to upload the same document again.
  2. You will need to upload the thesis in the Case via OSIRIS Student for archiving purposes.

When can I submit my thesis?

You can submit your thesis as soon as the Case is available via OSIRIS Student. There are two ways in which the Case can be made available to you:

  1. The Case must be initiated by the Faculty's administration. The Case will not be available by default via OSIRIS Student. You will receive an email as soon as the Case is available to you.
  2. The Case is available after completing a previous Case via OSIRIS Student at the faculty (for example for approval or assessment).*
  3. The Case is available via OSIRIS Student by default and can be started by the student.

* Note: It is possible that you have already submitted your thesis in a previous Case, but you do not see the Case for archiving purposes via OSIRIS Student. Please note that not all faculties have linked these two Cases. In this scenario, the first point under “When can I submit my thesis?” applies, meaning you will get an email when the Case is available to you via OSIRIS Student.

Archiving your thesis

You will always need to archive your thesis in a Case via OSIRIS Student. This is the assessed (and therefore final) version of the thesis.

Publication of your master's thesis

Utrecht University wants to share knowledge as widely and openly as possible. That is why you can choose to publish your master’s thesis in addition to archiving when completing the Case. Theses are made public and accessible via Google/WorldCat when you choose to publish them. You can also choose to not publish them or delay publishing by using an embargo date. Using an embargo date can be useful for example if you are continuing the research and you do not want to publish the data yet.

If you want to change your choice of not publishing your thesis or setting an embargo date, please contact your faculty. Mention in the e-mail the reason for the change and in case of an embargo date, state what the new date should be. Discuss any changes if other authors are involved with the thesis.

If you choose to publish your thesis you can upload an edited publication version of your thesis. For more information about publishing your thesis and what to think about when publishing see the Utrecht University Library page.

Publication of your bachelor’s thesis

Your bachelor’s thesis will not be published by default unless otherwise agreed. Contact your thesis supervisor and/or faculty for more information.

Contact details for questions and/or comments

  • My thesis is NOT YET published in WorldCat/Google: You can find the linkt to the faculty-specific contact details and information at the top of this page.
  • My thesis IS published in WorldCat/Google: You can find the Utrecht University Library contact details and information on this University Library page.

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