Student counsellor

Note: due to busy times, it may take longer to schedule an appointment with a student counsellor. We apologize for the inconvenience.

You can contact the student counsellors for all kinds of questions about financial regulations and provisions, study delay, as well as questions about studying with a disability, student board membership, elite sports students, illness and/or special family circumstances.  

If you have any questions or problems, or would like to receive advice on any of these subjects, you can make an appointment for an individual meeting about your personal situation.    

Please note that your study advisor is generally your first point of contact for education-related questions, for example about the BSA, practical provisions and facilities (e.g. extra time when sitting exams), and course registration and de-registration. The student counsellor will sometimes have to refer you to another service or department within (or outside) the UU.  


  • Financial matters:
    • Tuition fees
    • Student finance (DUO)  
    • Financial arrangements (including graduation support in case of circumstances beyond your control, and various DUO provisions)  
  • Questions concerning enrolment and termination of enrolment (in special circumstances, such as termination of premaster enrolment, termination of enrolment in case of illness or circumstances beyond one's control)   
  • Pregnancy (and studying as a parent)
  • Studying with a disability

Information about:

Elite sports 

Are you an elite sports student athlete and would you like more information about your options at UU? Or do you want to schedule an appointment with one our Elite Sports Student Counsellors? Read more here.  

Board memberships and grants

Do you have questions about your work as a board member, a board grant (bestuursbeurs) or do you have questions on behalf of a student organisation? You can contact a specialised student counsellor. For more information and contact details go to:  

Accompanying letter from a student counsellor  (study/internship abroad)

Do you intend to apply for a private fund for an internship or research project abroad? Some private foundations will require an accompanying letter from a student counsellor with your application for financial support. Read more on how to apply.    

Financial support in case of circumstances beyond your control   

Have you fallen behind in your studies due to circumstances beyond your control (e.g. illness, family circumstances, disability)? Do you want to apply for financial support? You can apply via OSIRIS Student. Read more on our page about circumstances beyond your control.  In case of circumstances beyond your control or study delay, you should always contact your study advisor.  

Schedule an appointment

Contact Student Services to schedule an appointment with one of the student counsellors. Not sure who to contact with your question? Feel free to contact Student Services for information and advice.   

Have you already been in contact with one of the student counsellors? Please let us know when you schedule your appointment: we will then try to place you with the same student counsellor.

When making your appointment, you can indicate whether you would prefer a physical appointment, an appointment via Microsoft Teams (video call), or by phone.


A student counsellor is not associated with any specific study programme or faculty, and - in accordance with the GDPR (or Dutch: AVG) - student counsellors do not have access to the notes of your study advisor. This means you may need to repeat some of the information that you have already shared with your study advisor. The student counsellors are able to access each other's notes between themselves.

Policies and procedures

  • Policies and procedures (including the Regulations for Enrolment and Tuition Fees)
  • Profiling Fund (a.o. concerning circumstances beyond your control, board grants, extended masters, elite sports students)

Additional information: DUO