When can I cancel my enrolment?
You can cancel your enrolment (application) until the start of your study programme. When enrolling per 1 September, you can cancel 31 August at the latest, or 31 January at the latest, if you are enrolling per 1 February (a starting date that applies to some programmes). After that, cancellation is no longer possible and you will have to submit a request for termination of enrolment via Studielink if you want to end your study programme.

How do I cancel my enrolment?
If you want to cancel your enrolment (application), you can do so via Studielink:

  1. Go to ‘My study programmes’
  2. Select the enrolment (application) you wish to cancel
  3. Click the ‘Withdraw enrolment application’ button
  4. Confirm your cancellation
  5. Studielink will confirm reception of your request

Tuition fees
If your enrolment has been cancelled and you are not enrolled in any other study programmes at Utrecht University, then you do not owe the university tuition fees. If you have already paid any tuition fees, these will be refunded. If you’ve confirmed a digital direct-debit authorisation, then the cancellation of your enrolment (application) renders it null and void. No tuition fees will be debited after cancellation. Please note! If you are too late to cancel, and have to terminate your enrolment, you already owe tuition fees.

Student grant and travel card DUO
When you cancel your enrolment (application) and you are not enrolled in any other study programmes at Utrecht University or elsewhere, then you need to stop your student grant and travel card from DUO, since you are no longer entitled to these if you are not a student. Stop them as of the starting date of the cancelled study programme, meaning 1 September or 1 February (for some programmes) and be sure to do so before this date.