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Online Infosessions

For more detailed information, join us for one of our online information sessions, we have two rounds:

  • 6 May 2024, 16:00 - 17:00 (CEST)
  • 24 May 2024, 12:45 - 13:45 (CEST) 
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The programme leaders are Rik Seveke and Dr. Janneke de Ruiter. For any questions or comments about the Leadership programme, please contact us via


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Student experiences

The Leadership programme is really valuable for leadership and personal growth

Ivo Wakounig, Master's student Sustainable Development

The Leadership programme offered a unique opportunity to expand my skillset. We meet every other week to learn about leadership skills, listen to inspiring leaders, and share our views on leadership dilemmas. Although the meetings take place in the evening and sometimes on the weekend, they are easy to incorporate into my schedule. During exam periods the increased time investment can sometimes be seen as a burden, but performing under pressure is also part of the learning experience and ultimately a valuable skill. I would definitely recommend enrolling to the programme, because what you learn will not only help you in your leadership journey but also in your personal life.

The rich and interdisciplinary theoretical sessions superseded my initial expectations

Andressa Silva Dias, Master's student Law

Signing up for the programme, I was very excited to learn some theoretical perspectives on leadership dilemmas together with the opportunity to develop some soft skills, including leadership skills. I was actually able to learn much more than I had imagined. The theoretical sessions were rich in terms of interdisciplinarity, and I was introduced to leadership from diverse perspectives, such as animal societies, arts, entrepreneurship, and public leadership. Consequently, I got a broader mindset about different leadership styles that I did not even consider in the past. Personally, it was very useful to me to be introduced to this world, as I could develop my leadership skills in an interdisciplinary way. This experience was helpful in my academic, working, and personal life. 

I am encouraged to think about my leadership style from different perspectives

Sunny Hsieh, Master's student Artificial Intelligence

The theories, workshops and the opportunities to meet leaders from various domains in this program give me a lot of inspiration and different perspectives of thinking. We are provided with a preview of how it is to be a leader and the difficulties a leader faces. All these aspects together become nutrients to our brain in order grow mentally and visionary. Personally, I think what benefits me the most is the way of thinking. I started to think about who I am in a different way: I see what kind of strengths I could have as a leader but also the skills I currently lack. Lastly, I find that the connection I made with fellow students in this program, all from different disciplines who might become future leaders as well, is really priceless.