The Inner Critics

Are you challenged by constant self-criticism, feeling like you're never quite good enough? This support group is intended for all of us who want to explore the voice of our inner critic. Self-criticism is a common struggle among University students as we face academic and personal pressure.
Peer support is a space for genuine connection and understanding between students with similar experiences. By being part of this group, you may discover that you (and your inner critic) are not alone. Together, we will co-create a safe space that fosters sharing, active listening, and mutual support as well as cultivating self-compassion through various group activities and mindfulness exercises.
As a group, we embark on the journey of navigating our inner critics. One peer supported step at a time.

Introductory Interview and Questions

To ensure you are a good fit for the group (and the group is for you) and manage expectations, a brief individual interview will be held upon your registration.


This peer support group is an initiative from the Clinical Skills Lab - Clinical Psychology in close collaboration with the Student Wellbeing Team. The sessions will be hosted by Angeliki Gianniou and Georgia Zachariadi, both graduates from the Clinical Psychology MSc of Utrecht University and supervised by Anneke Vedder (Junior Assistant Professor Clinical Psychology)
The sessions will take place at Parnassos Cultural Centre bi-weekly. Upcoming dates are:

Semester II:

  • Tuesday 23 April 15:00-17:00     
  • Tuesday 7 May 15:00-17:00    
  • Tuesday 21 May 15:00-17:00    
  • Tuesday 4 June 15:00-17:00    
  • Tuesday 18 June 15:00-17:00    

Every group will be consisting of 8-10 students.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via