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As a student of Utrecht University, you can use study places at many different locations in Utrecht. On this page you will find more information about the possibilities and where all study spots can be found. Are you visiting the university? Then first read about the house rules in UU buildings. If available, study spots can be reserved via the button below.

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Overview of UU study spots

Here you will find an overview of the study spots which are located in university buildings. You can also find spots with a computer on

N.B.: For study spots with a desktop computer Studyspot shows if this computer is in use. When a computer isn’t in use this does not necessarily mean that the study spot is available. Studyspot is helpful for getting an overview of where the UU study spots are located. Not (yet) for finding out which study spots are available.

Study spots at The HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

Utrecht University and the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht have an agreement that their students can make use of facilities, such as study spots, of both institutions. This means that when you are looking for a place to study you are welcome in the buildings of the HU.

You will find an overview of the study spots at the HU on

N.B.: During the exam period there is an exception to this agreement. The study spots in the University Library will be available exclusively to UU staff and students.

Be prepared

The university offers a lot of study spots but is not able to provide a study spot for every student at the same time. So if you are not studying at home during the exam period, plan ahead!

  • Be on time. Popular study spots will be taken early on.
  • Discover the different locations that offer study spots. The library isn’t the only option.
  • Consider studying at different hours. At night, for example, the library isn’t as crowded.

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