All -other than first-year- students must pay their tuition fees by submitting a digital (direct debit) authorisation via Studielink.

You can pay your tuition fee in two ways:

You (as a student) can provide the digital (direct debit) authorisation, but it is also possible to have someone else with a valid DigiD account pay your tuition fee to Utrecht University. Please contact Student Services if you wish to pay in another way.

Paying your tuition fee yourself

If you pay the fee yourself, you need to have a Dutch bank account, or a bank account from another SEPA country.

Someone else is paying your tuition fee

If your fee is being paid by someone else, you must know the following details:

  • the number of the bank account from which the fee will be paid
  • the name of the account holder
  • whether the payment will be made in instalments. This is only possible from a Dutch bank account.

Special circumstances

Have you already paid tuition fees for the same academic year to another Dutch research university (universiteit) or university of applied sciences (hogeschool)? If so, you may be eligible for a reduction in or exemption of the tuition fees payable to Utrecht University. You are only eligible for a reduction or exemption if you pay the statutory fee at Utrecht University as well as at the other institute. Make sure that you ask for a “Proof of Payment of Tuition Fees” (“Bewijs van Betaald Collegegeld”) from the institute to which you paid the tuition fees and send it to:

Utrecht University
Central Student Administration
P.O. Box 80011
3508 TA Utrecht

You may also hand it in at the front desk of Student Services. Do not forget to mention your name and student number!

If you are also studying at another Dutch research university or university of applied sciences and have paid your tuition fees to Utrecht University, you can ask Student Services for a Proof of Payment of Tuition Fees. The other institute may offer you a reduction in or exemption of the tuition fees if you hand this in there. 

For more information about how to pay tuition fee at University College Utrecht or University College Roosevelt, check their websites.

If you do not have a Dutch bank account or a bank account from another SEPA country, you will not be able to authorise Utrecht University via direct debit to debit the tuition fee from your account. Student Services can inform you about the other ways of paying the tuition fees.