#PictureNOTPerfect: on setbacks related to study and career

The message behind #PictureNOTPerfect

Students' stress when choosing the right career path derives from the endless possibilities of today’s labor market. The constant pressure and fear of making the wrong decision is significant and these career choices can feel like something permanent as if your first job needs to be the ‘dream job’ you’ve always envisioned. Factors that play a big part in this constant pressure are, for example, social comparison and the self-image of students. Social media, like Instagram or LinkedIn, can amplify this continual social comparison with peers.

We explore 6 different stories, from recent graduates to alumni with more work experience. What setbacks did they experience? And more importantly, what lessons have they learned from this? With the #PictureNOTPerfect campaign we want to show a realistic image, thus contributing to reducing the pressure and stress regarding career choices that students face today.

Start the conversation with your friends, peers, and fellow classmates in real life and/or on social media with the #PictureNOTPerfect.


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