You can submit your request for re-enrolment in Studielink. You can re-enrol as of 1 June. Make sure to finalise your re-enrolment before 1 September. If you are not enrolled before 1 September you cannot participate in courses and make use of university facilities.

In order to log on to Studielink you need a DigiD if you have a Dutch address (and /or BSN).

Decisions with regard to enrolment will be sent to the email address listed in Studielink, so please make sure this address is up to date.

Re-enrolling for the same programme

To continue your programme you can re-enrol via Studielink. Make sure you change the language of the website to English before you log in. You will receive an email from Utrecht University as soon as the Studielink website is open for re-enrolment.

If you want to re-enrol for a privately-funded master or an Erasmus Mundus programme, you will receive a re-enrolment form during the summer.

It is only possible to enrol with a starting date of 1 September. Exceptions are only possible with the explicit permission of your department or faculty.

Download the step-by-step plans for: Re-enrolment and Digital authorisation.

I do not plan to re-enrol

If you do not plan to re-enrol, but do want to remain enrolled until the end of the academic year (31 August), go to Studielink, select your current enrolment, and choose the ‘No, I do not wish to re-enrol’ option.

If you plan to terminate your enrolment during the course of the academic year, please see Termination of enrolment.

Please note that terminating your enrolment may have consequences for your study grant (DUO), tuition fee, residence permit, scholarship etc.

I want to start a different programme

Please see and for an overview of our English-taught bachelor’s and master’s programmes. If you plan to start a new programme in September, please contact the Admissions Office before the applicable deadline, as other admissions requirements may apply. We advise students to discuss the possibility of switching from one programme to another with their study adviser first.

I want to start a second programme

In order to enrol in a second programme (next to your current enrolment) you will also need to contact the Admissions Office, via Student Services.

Please note that combining two programmes requires thorough planning as well as above-average study progress.

Enrolment in more than one programme may have financial implications. Read more on Tuition fees.


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