Autonomy and making choices

Pressure to perform, stress around choices, guarding your boundaries, feeling like it's all getting too much... We'd all like to know how to deal with it. Or rather, how to prevent it getting out of hand. How do you learn to deal with expectations of yourself and others, and with the accompanying stress and emotions? How do you know what you want and how do you make the best decisions based on your own ambitions and dreams? It's all part of finding your own autonomy.

Becoming autonomous and making big choices come with growing up. Autonomous behavior relies on self-knowledge and confidence in your own abilities. The more insight and control you have over yourself, the better you can handle difficult situations. But how do you gain more insight and control? 

Below are several resources to help you get started on themes such as autonomy, self-knowledge, making choices, building self-confidence, letting go of perfectionism and becoming independent.