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Talking about your thesis, paper or essay will help you! 

The tutor was always asking the right questions: those that lead to result. Good coaching.


Writing Tutoring

The Skills Lab offers free writing tutoring. You can discuss your academic writing assignment with a trained student (peer tutor). The tutor can help you with things like finding a more efficient approach, sharpening your core message, writing a well-structured text, or improving your writing style.

You can sign up for an appointment, but before you do, read the rest of this page to make sure that the tutoring offered is what you’re looking for.

Practical information

  • For whom? Tutoring is available to all UU students currently working on or about to start an academic writing assignment (like a paper, essay, report, or thesis). If you write with more people, you can also come together
  • By whom? Writing tutors are UU students with various academic backgrounds who work as student assistants at the Skills Lab. They have been specially trained in peer tutoring for academic writing. The team consists of both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students.
  • One-time only? No, you’re welcome to come back several times for help with a single assignment if that’s useful for you. You might have different chapters to discuss or questions about multiple aspects (the structure and style of your text, for instance).
  • How much does it cost? Nothing. Tutoring at the Skills Lab is free of charge.
  • Which language? In Dutch or English (both the writing assignment and the tutoring).
  • Duration? A tutoring session will take up to 45 minutes. 
  • Location? You can choose to have your appointment online, via Teams, or on location at the Skills Lab (2.45 University Library, Utrecht Science Park). 

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