Physical and nutrition

As a student, it can sometimes be difficult to take optimal care of your physical health. A busy, social and hedonistic life is part of being a student. But a few too many late nights, not knowing how to cook healthy meals or not getting enough exercise can lead to low energy. You can notice this in both your physical as well as mental health.

In some cases, it is nice to get support from for example a coach to see how you can make adjustments in your lifestyle. In most cases, however, you can do a lot yourself by, for example, gaining more knowledge about nutrition, trying to discover a nice way of exercising that suits you or adding tools to your sleep routine to get a better night's rest.

Below are several resources to help you get started with exercise, sleep, nutrition, addiction, sex and other topics related to physical wellbeing.


Exercises and E-modules





Please note: the tips and tools we provide on this page are intended only as general advice for getting started on your own and should not be considered exhaustive. The list is based on our own knowledge and experiences with the resources, and while we do our best to provide accurate and relevant information, we cannot guarantee that the tips provided are suitable for your specific situation. If you need more help or advice for your individual situation, find who to contact here.