Information Security - Secure Access - Choosing a secure password

When we leave home, we lock the door securely behind us and preferably leave our bicycles inside – all because we don't want anyone else to touch our stuff. Your digital presence should be equally secure!

A secure password...

  • is long (consider using a phrase);
  • isn't used anywhere else;
  • is known only to you;
  • can't be guessed (so it can't be a catchphrase you're known for);
  • contains upper-case letters, lower-case letters and symbols.

The minimum password requirements will guide you whenever you change your password.

How do i come up with a secure password?

Coming up with a secure password can be tricky, particularly if you have to imagine one on the spot. A phrase may be easier to both think of and remember, and is often more secure as well. Click here for password tips.

How do I change my Solis password?

You can do this in the MySolisid portal. You'll be guided through the process step by step.