Do you need a proof of enrolment, or a statement with regards to your tuition fees, diploma or other student records? Please see the information below to find out more about requesting these documents. 

If you need to obtain an official proof of enrolment for the current academic year, you can download this document from Osiris Student. Open the tab “Personal Details” and go to “Status of Registration for Degree Programme”. There you will find the option to click on Declaration of Enrolment: a PDF file will open which you can print and/or save.

If you want to request a proof of enrolment for a previous academic year, or if you want to request a statement for your PhD programme, you can use this online form

If you need a hard copy proof of enrolment (stamped and signed), you can use this online form or you can contact (or visit) Student Services

If you require a statement of completed courses, examinations or obtained grades (transcript), you can contact your Faculty Student Desk.

You can contact your Faculty Student Desk to request a proof of graduation. Additional information on the graduation procedure can be found on the following page. If you've already obtained your diploma, you can also find verification options below under "Obtained degree / diploma". 

If you have a DigiD and graduated after 1 January 1996, you can obtain a statement of obtained degree directly from the DUO diploma registry (in Dutch). You can use this certificate as proof of graduation when registering for further studies or applying for a job. If you do not have a DigiD or if you graduated before 1 January 1996, you can request a certificate from Utrecht University via this online form.

If you've graduated recently and cannot get a declaration from DUO yet, please contact your Faculty Student Desk to request a certificate. You can also contact them if you have any questions about receiving your diploma. 

If you want to request a certified copy of your Utrecht University diploma or transcript, please contact your Faculty Student Desk

If you are also studying at another Dutch research university or university of applied sciences (hogeschool) and you are enrolled and pay tuition fees to Utrecht University, you can request a Proof of Payment of Tuition Fees (BBC in Dutch). In some cases the other institute may offer you a reduction in or exemption of the tuition fees you owe them if you hand this in there. 

You can apply for the Certificate of Paid Tuition (BBC) by filling in this online form.

Due to the current Corona measures, it is not possible to collect or receive a BBC. You can use the online form to request student services to send the BBC directly to the institution.

Please note! The other institute determines the criteria to accept this proof or not. A BBC can only be made for the Dutch higher education and the regulation only applies if you are fully enrolled at both institutions and pay the statutory tuition fee.

The Proof of Payment of Tuition Fees is not meant as an invoice for your personal book keeping.

You can request an invoice stating the amount of tuition fees paid from our Central Student Administration. You can request this document by contacting us via Please do not forget to mention your student number. 

Please note! If you need proof of payment for enrolment at another Dutch institution of higher education, you would need to request the document “Proof of Payment of Tuition Fees” (see above). 

As of October 2019 it is no longer possible for third parties to ask for verification of student records, due to stricter privacy laws. Candidates can request a statement of the required data themselves (see above).

Please note! Only for PhD candidates is it still possible for third parties - for a fee and with signed consent - to request degree verification via this online form