Financial assistance for graduation

Are you a full-time student and you have encurred a delay in your study progress during your grant entitlement period, as a result of your disability or chronic illness? It is possible to apply  to DUO for financial assistance in the form of an additional 12 months’ student grant (see Section 3.2.1). At Utrecht University, there is a compulsory sequence of steps to be followed for applying for financial assistance:

  1. First, extending the duration of the DUO student grant is considered;
  2. Second, financial assistance for graduation provided by the university is considered.

Additional year of grant assistance

Depending on their degree programme, students are entitled to a basic grant amount (performance-linked grant) for either four, five or six years plus a three-year loan. Does your disability mean that you are unable to complete your studies within the period for which you are entitled to the performance-linked student grant? Once you have satisfied the performancelinked grant requirements, the extra year of grant money will be converted into a gift.

Step-by-step plan

  1. Schedule an appointment with a Student Counsellor from Student Services to discuss whether you qualify for the student grant for an additional year. If so, you will receive the necessary forms from the Student Counsellor. The Student Counsellor will also explain the further procedure to be followed.
  2. Normally, the additional year will begin after after the period in which you received the performance-linked grant. However, if you prefer, you can request postponement of the supplementary grant.

Financial assistance for graduation

An additional year of grant assistance, which has been awarded by DUO, will be adjusted for the delay incurred in your study progress. This means that, if you have received a twelve-month extension of the grant entitlement period, you will only receive the financial assistance for graduation provided by the University from the thirteenth and subsequent months of delay.
Only if DUO rejects your request will it be possible for you to submit a request for financial assistance for graduation with retroactive effect, based on your disability.

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