Good Mourning

The death of a loved one has a big impact on your life. How do you deal with this loss and what does it mean for the rest of your life? It may be that this experience gets in the way of your studies and studying. You have trouble concentrating and run into all kinds of questions: 

"Who am I , now that my loved one has passed away?" "I'm afraid I'll forget what he/she was like." “My grief seems to be very different from that of my relatives.” “Where do I get the courage and energy to keep on going?” “What will help me cope with the storm of emotions that I’m feeling?”

In the peer support group 'Good Mourning' you make room for dealing with your loss. The emphasis is on sharing and exchanging stories and experiences with a group of peer students that are all dealing with the loss of a loved one. This offers recognition, acknowledgement and support. 


This Peer2Peer support group is an initiative form the Clinical Skills Lab- Clinical Psychology in close collaboration with the Student Wellbeing-Team. The hosts are Clinical Psychology master students supervised by Anneke Vedder (Junior Assistant Professor Clinical Psychology).

The sessions will take place at Parnassos Cultural Center. Upcoming dates are:

Semester 1:  
Tuesday October 24, 2023 15:00 - 17:00
Tuesday November 7, 2023 15:00 - 17:00
Tuesday November 21, 2023 15.00 - 17.00
Tuesday December 12, 2023 15.00 - 17.00
Tuesday January 9, 2024 15.00 - 17.00

Intake and Questions

To ensure you are a good fit for the group (and the group for you) and manage expectations, a brief individual intake will be held with one of the students guiding the sessions, upon your registration. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via