Online Proctoring

Online proctoring

If you cannot take an exam on location, due to special circumstances, you can request an exam via online proctoring from the Board of Examinors of your study programme as a special provision. 

Online Proctoring uses special software that not only watches via the camera, but also stores and analyses the video images for fraud detection. The programme ProctorExam is used at Utrecht University, it is a tested and proven system, where privacy is taken into account.

Protocol online proctoring utrecht university

In the protocol you will find the following information:

  • Who is authorized to set the rules?
  • When is online proctoring used?
  • Description of fraud, irregularities and invalidation.
  • Netiquette.
  • Rules and regulations student prior to the test.
  • Rules reviewer and Board of Examinations after the test.

Privacy statement online proctoring utrecht university

This privacy statement contains (among others):

  • What personal data are processed and for what purposes?
  • Who has access to personal data and how are they protected?
  • What rights do you have and how can you exercise these rights?

Questions about online proctoring


You can also take measures yourself, such as hiding your BSN number when checking your ID and working in a relatively empty room.

The UU works on the principle that data are only accessible to staff who need to have insight into the data in order to perform their tasks. For example, for the task of assessing whether behaviour identified as possible fraud by the Proctor Exam reviewer is actually fraud. And access to the data is as short as possible. If a teacher/employee does not have a task on the test taken with online proctoring, then that teacher/employee will not have access to the material.


..I cannot take part because I do not have the right equipment.

Report this to your study programme and the examiner of the test. A solution will be found together.

… I have questions about the technology

If you have the requested equipment, but are experiencing problems with the technology, ProctorExam will support you via the chat function. This applies to the technical check a few days before the test, the setup just before the test and during the test itself.

.. I have questions about my privacy

If you have any questions about the way your personal data is processed, you can ask them at