Student life has its many benefits, but it can sometimes be stressful as well. Besides the demands from the study there are jobs, internships, extra-curricular work and of course your personal social life - both offline and online! A packed agenda, but also performance pressure can lead to stress. Do you recognize this?

Utrecht University considers it important that its students find a good balance between study and relaxation, and therefore The UU Student Welfare Task Force was created on behalf of students. The taskforce focusses on prevention, awareness and guidance. An important initiative is the Wellbeing Week. 

Wellbeing Week offers a daily programme with various activities in both the city center and at the Utrecht Science Park in Dutch and English to offer students the tools to deal with performance pressure and stress. After the success of the first edition, we organised the second edition of the UU-wide Wellbeing Week from 18 to 22 November. You can find the schedule from last edition here.