Utrecht University considers it important that its students find a good balance between study and relaxation. She has set up a Student Welfare Task Force at the request of students. Students and staff work together to ensure that the balance between relaxation and relaxation remains good. There are already various initiatives at study programs, faculties and at university level, but not everything is equally known to students. The Taskforce wants to focus on prevention, awareness and guidance. An important initiative is the Wellbeing week, with the aim of offering students the tools to deal with performance pressure and stress. This first UU student Wellbeing week will be organized from 6 - 10 May 2019. There is a daily program with various activities in both the city center and at the Utrecht Science Park. We offer activities in Dutch and English.

We have identified five themes on which we have created the program: sports, zen, personal, workshops and lectures.

Find an overview of the complete program below

Program per theme

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