The Corona outbreak has a significant impact on students and their daily lives. Previously, you might have experienced hardship because of an overfull agenda and performance pressure. This extraordinary situation brings about new challenges and insecurities. The agenda is now covered in crossed-out activities, and your internship or exchange might suddenly be cancelled. Concurrently, in this new situation, everyone has to answer questions for themselves. How do I effectively study at home, whilst the libraries are closed? How do I take care of my mental health when I am home alone a lot? How do I ensure a daily routine?

Muurschildering van Rob Heerdink in de Adelaarstraat
Mural by Rob Heerdink in Adelaarstraat

Utrecht University believes it is important that students maintain a healthy balance between their studies and leisurement. Furthermore, that they are being supported in these difficult times and learn how to deal with possible challenges. Therefore, after the success of the third and online edition of the Wellbeing Week, we've scheduled some extra activities for june. The Wellbeing Week continues.

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In a Bright Conversation, you can discuss how you deal with life situations with an experienced facilitator. We explore what is going on and how you experience everything, and look for what is beneficial for you in this situation. Sometimes, that is just discussing your concerns with someone who is a good listener. Sometimes, it is about giving meaning, giving the experiences a place. Sometimes, you'll get suggestions that can help against pondering. The university finds it important that you find someone to listen to what is going on in your daily life.

Apart from the corona crisis, you can also use this Bright Conversation to investigate what makes sense for you, what gives you meaning and what you feel like doing. Knowing what is of value to you, can give direction in your life. You can explore the bigger picture and adjust your choices accordingly. 

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How do you stay relaxed, present & in charge while meeting the demands of your study environment? When the Body Comes to Mind uses the inseparable connection between the mind and body to do just that! You can start whenever you want, and go through the course at your own pace. 

Our experience based program provides skills and tools that will help you improve your health and wellbeing while dealing with the demands and pressure of your day-to-day study environment.

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Maybe this sounds familiar: you've got a great career path, you follow a course or study, go to work, have a good job. But what if it no longer fits?

From a career at Rijkswaterstaat where I started, I now work as a nature and hiking coach. At one point I noticed that the work I did was no longer suitable for me. I quit. An exciting and uncertain period. Restless too, which way is it going?

It’s about making choices. I would like to tell you about what can happen if you quit your study or job. What happens when you stand still. What do you come across? From "not knowing", restlessness, fear to new encounters in the park, a spiritual journey and a Tiny House.

In this special time, these themes are so current, at the global and personal level. So let this story inspire you.

Daniëlle Langendijk
Nature and hiking coach
Former student Human Geography and Planning
More about me?

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"I thought it was very interesting to look inside yourself outside. It calmed me down."

While everything seems to stand still, you can still be very busy in your head and with all kinds of choices that have to be made. Do you suffer from boredom? Lost structure of your day? Do you need peace and quiet and space? Do you feel the pressure to knit a corona sweater or learn at least one other language? Our situation has changed. In this workshop we will go outside, we'll examine what's on your mind, the questions you have. For example: am I doing well now? How can I take good care of myself? What makes me happy? Outside, in nature, the answers often come naturally. We walk separately & together at the same time: each in his own piece of nature or in the city. How does that work? We'll let you know in advance. The walk is a combination of silence and practice for more insight. Together we go outside for some lightness! Are you coming along?

The walk will be guided by an experienced walking coach: Leonie Kroes, Daniëlle Langendijk or Angelique Weitmann.

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