Celtic Languages and Culture

The minor Celtic Languages and Culture explores the great literatures that were produced in Ireland and Wales during the medieval period.


Number of EC

30 EC

Number of courses

4 compulsory courses


Block 1

Course overview

Celtic Languages and Culture


Dr. Aaron Griffith

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Entry requirements

None (this minor is not open to students in the Bachelor Celtic Languages and Culture nor to students TCS with a 'hoofdrichting' Middeleeuwen)

Associated MA programmes
Register between 30 May and 23 June 2023

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What is this minor about?

The minor Celtic Languages and Culture explores the texts that were produced by the early Celtic peoples, as well as interpretations of those texts in later times. After receiving an introduction to the languages, cultures and history of the Celtic speaking peoples, students approach read medieval Irish and Welsh literatures in translation in order to see how they fit into and are shaped by the cultural milieu in which they were produced.. In semester two, students  learn how this literature was interpreted by medieval audiences and how it is reinterpreted by and for modern audiences in literature and film.


The minor in Celtic studies presents you with a general understanding of the field while focusing on Celtic literatures and their influence on / adaptation in later times. The Introduction to Celtic Studies offers a broad overview of the field, drawing on the fields of literature, history, archaeology, and linguistics. Subsequent courses focus on:

  1. reading and analyzing literature in translation
  2. anchoring the texts in the period and cultural milieu in which they were composed and / or copied
  3. exploring how the medieval texts were used, reused, and adapted by later authors for various purposes


The minor Celtic Languages and Culture consists of 4 compulsory courses (30 EC).

Entry requyirements

No previous knowledge of Celtic Studies is required. The courses build on one another so that students not only learn the material relevant to the discipline (i.e. Celtic Studies), but also gradually acquire academic skills such as the ability to produce various types of writing (e.g. summary, short paper, longer research paper) for different audiences (e.g. general public, academic public) on the topics learned.

The minor is NOT accessible for students of the bachelor programme Taal- en cultuurstudies with a main focus on the Middle Ages.

Application and registration

How to register for this minor and its course modules, depends on whether you are a student of Utrecht University or not.

More information

If you wish to know more, or have questions about this minor, please contact the Student Desk Humanities.