Finalist for ECHO Award 2023

Every year, ECHO Expertise Center for Diversity Policy, presents awards for successful students with a non-Western background* who distinguish themselves because of their enterprising attitude, organizational capacity, active social involvement and constructive approach to challenges related to exclusion.

The prize creates opportunities for students to achieve an equal starting position and contributes to a dialogue that recognizes societal challenges and illustrates the power of diversity. This year, UU student Martha Gabriela Sánchez Martínez is a finalist for the ECHO Award WO 2023!

Profielfoto van Martha Gabriela Sánchez Martínez

Martha graduated her bachelor’s degree at University College Utrecht and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Religious Studies. Her professor, Chiara Robbiano, nominated her. Martha stood out because, in addition to achieving excellent study results, she has also committed herself to diversity projects in and outside her studies and in society in various ways. Martha's approach to diversity is unique, through her creativity, passion and courage. She knows better than anyone how to translate her vision into practice. In doing so, she sets an inspiring example for fellow students, prospective students, and the program and university as a whole.

After nomination, candidates automatically join the ECHO Ambassadors community, a network of socially involved students and (young) professionals who have been nominated over the years. During the first jury meeting in September, the jury selected the finalists for the ECHO Award 2023 from 28 nominees. This year there are 11 finalists spread across the ECHO Award HBO, ECHO Award WO, Law & Tax Award and Beta Techniek Award. The winners will be announced on December 7 during the ECHO Award ceremony. They will be rewarded with a fully catered summer course at the University of California Los Angeles in the United States.

*ECHO is aware of the changing context regarding the term 'non-Western'. Click here for the definition that ECHO uses for non-Western.