Wellbeing Week: 20 November to 1 December

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During the Wellbeing Week(s), you can join a variety of different workshops, trainings and sports events that are tailored around wellbeing.

Wellbeing Week(s): 20 November to 1 December

What means Wellbeing for you? Wellbeing consists of various aspects that contribute to your overall health and quality of life. It includes not only mental health and activities such as yoga, but also various aspects that are unique to your individual experience. While the specific features of wellbeing may vary from person to person, some characteristics connect us all.

In November, we are organizing the 10th edition of Wellbeing Week(s). This year, our focus is on the theme of connection, and we have chosen the campaign "You'll never walk alone" to embody this spirit. During the Wellbeing Week(s), we will reintroduce some of the most popular events from previous editions and introduce new workshops and activities.

Wellbeing is a journey we can take together, recognizing that while our paths may differ, we can still find common ground in our needs for a healthy, balanced life.

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The programme lands in your inbox and will be posted on the Wellbeing Week website on 13 November. You can register starting from 15 November. 

Keep an eye on the programme because you'll surely find something that suits you! Last year, for example, you could sign up for the laydown and listen concert, sport lessons such as Rocycle and MMA, or a workshop on perfectionism.

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In addition to the Wellbeing Week(s), we have a lot more help and resources available at Utrecht University. We offer weekly trainings and coaching sessions.
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