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University of Victoria is an exchange destination for bachelor students of the School of LAW

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Academic calendar

Semester 1 at UU (Fall term): September up to and including December (recommended due to housing options and offered courses)

Semester 2 at UU (Spring term): beginning of January up to and including April

Each term consists of 13 weeks of classes followed by a formal examination period of approximately two weeks during which there are no classes.

During the week before classes an orientation program is being offered. 

Academic Calendar --> Go to "Important Dates" at the top of the page


Language requirements: No specific requirements (yet)

Important! Health Insurance
The cost of medical treatment in Canada is extremely high if you are not covered by insurance. As a result exchange students are required to have coverage through the "" plan!
You will be assessed a Mandatory Temporary Medical Insurance (MTMI) fee of $ 265,-

Currently (Feb 2022) a visa is not required (anymore) unless you will stay for a period less than 6 months. However, in some cases you might need a visa after all.
Find more details on the website of the Canadian Government. 

Language of instruction


Areas of study open for exchange students

Law - Exchange students are eligible to take a maximum of one non-law course, with permission from your home institution and the UVic Associate Dean of Law.

Courses at Master level


Course information

On the Incoming exchange applicants page you will find additional information for incoming exchange students and the application form to be used only for incoming law students applying for an exchange term at UVic Law.  

Full-time study requirements for domestic students is 7.0-8.5 units per term. This is a very heavy workload and is not expected of exchange students.
However, in case you need around 30 ECTS credits to fill in your 'profileringsruimte' at UU due to graduation after the exchange, the workload might be quite heavy.  

To select courses please refer to faculty calendars, lists of course offerings, registration restrictions, exam schedules, and Preliminary Course Information Summaries (PCIS). Note that UVic will do it's best to accommodate your course selection, however, some courses will fill quickly and some courses have pre-requisites which may limit accessibility to exchange students.

Exchange students are eligible to take a maximum of one non-law course, with permission from your home institution and the UVic Associate Dean of Law.

NB when having applied at UU for this destination in Spring for the second semester the year after, the following is applicable: course selection may be a bit more challenging since more popular courses might be filled up already. 


Courses are valued in terms of units and vary between 1.0-2.0 units each. A 1.0 unit course meets 2 hours per week, a 1.5 unit course meets 3 hours per week, and a 2.0 unit course meets 4 hours per week. One hour of class time requires approximately 1-2 hours of additional study or reading.

You can find information on this university’s credits in the credit conversion table


This is required to study at UVic.


Health insurance


You are responsible for making your own accommodation arrangements. If you are interested in campus housing, apply directly to Residence Services as soon as possible, after you have been selected to the programme. Campus housing is in extremely high demand. Residence Services also provides a listing of off-campus housing and if English is your second language, you may be eligible for the Homestay Program.

Estimated living costs

Victoria is an expensive city with a high cost of living, and the housing/rental market is competitive. Make sure to keep this in mind as you plan your budget, and consider setting aside some additional money for unexpected costs.

Estimated costs for living in British Columbia are available on StudentAid BC*. These estimates are based on province-wide averages, so your expenses may be higher than what is listed.

General information about average rental costs in Victoria is available at the following links:

*Note: International students are not eligible to receive funding through StudentAid BC.


Welcome days

Additional information

Number of places available: 4 students in total, for semester or full year each

Course information: Recommended to do 3 to 4 courses since level is high. More information

Visa:  You will receive more information once you are accepted.

Although tuition fees are paid to your home university, you will still be responsible for student fees such as textbooks, course materials, and the photocopy fee. Exchange students may opt in to the UPass, Athletics and Recreation, and the UVSS Extended Health Plan.

Homestay Program: Living with a family in Victoria is a great option for students who want to live off campus, but who aren't quite ready to set up a home of their own. The UVic Homestay Program brings international students and Canadian families together to share cultures and develop long-lasting friendships.


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Do you have any questions about this partner university or would you like to know more?

Contact the International Exchange Office of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance.

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