University of New Hampshire (Durham)

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University of New Hampshire is an exchange destination for University College Utrecht students in Durham, USA.

Number of places available

2 per semester

Academic calendar

Fall Semester: Late August - Mid-December
Spring Semester: Late January - Mid-May

Language of instruction


Application deadlines

Fall Semester: March 1st, Spring Semester: October 1st 

Course levels

Courses with a code from 400 to 700 are undergraduate courses. Courses with a code from 700 to 900 are graduate courses.

Course offerings

You can find courses on the UNH course search tool.  Undergraduate course descriptions can be found here.

Credit system

You can find information on this university’s credits in the credit conversion table

Grade system

Grading is done on the A-F scale, which is almost completely similar to the UCU scale. 

GradeBasic grade point

Accepted exchange students will receive a Housing Packet, in which they will find instructions to arrange on-campus housing. Fairchild Hall is the most International residence hall, but (for that reason) also very popular, so not all international students can be housed there – but housing is guaranteed! Students who want to be able to stay on campus during breaks are recommended to ask for a place in Fairchild, Randall, Devine or Hitchcock, as these are the only buildings that remain open during the breaks. Those living on campus are also obliged to buy a meal-plan for the various dining halls and cafeterias on campus. Alternatively, students can decide to live off-campus; the university website gives some aid in how to find a place. More info on all this:


Depending on whether you want a single, double, triple or quad room, the housing will cost between $2700- 3500 (€2326-3015) per semester. Meal plans are about $1900 (€1636).  


At the beginning of each semester, the UNH organizes a compulsory Orientation Week for International students, including exchange students. They will receive information on their immigration rights, health services, meet the International Office staff and other new students, etcetera. (So, don’t expect something comparable to the UC-Introweek.) Some optional fun activities are also included. The Orientation in Fall is longer and more official than the one in Spring. More information.


The university is located in the town of Durham, New Hampshire. The nearest larger town (20,000 inhabitants) is Portsmouth, New Hampshire, about 20 km to the West. The nearest big city is Boston, about 100 km to the South. 

Student life

The university has about 15,000 students. You won’t be bored when you’re not studying: there are lots of activities organized by student organizations, there’s a movie theater on campus, several bars, sports facilities a beautiful forest, Boston is only on 1.5 hours distance and there’s a student-run bus system that will bring you (for free) to nearby places. Moreover, the Association for foreign students organizes many activities, e.g. visits to Canada.  

Student experiences

Previous students have very good experiences with the University of New Hampshire. Be prepared for a very big university, with many offices and institutions. Be sure to know when to arrive on campus and when to leave your room; there has been some miscommunication on this in the past. Choosing a room with a roommate is advised: it will be easier to get friends and acquaintances.

More information

For information about the requirements for studying abroad, the application procedure and more, go to UCU's Study abroad page. 

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