Trento University

The University of Trento is an exchange destination in Trento, Italy. This destination is specifically for bachelor and master Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics students of the Faculty of Science.

Field of study

Bachelor and Master Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics

Number of places available

For Mathematics & Physics: 2 places per study field. 

For Computer Sciences: 3 places 

Selection was not necessary in the previous years. 

Student experiences

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General information for students

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Academic calendar

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Semester 1: From September to December; Winter exam session: January-February
Semester 2: From February to June; Summer exam session: June-August


B2 for attendance of courses in English

A2 for attendance of courses in Italian

Areas of study open to exchange students

This partnership is based on a bilateral agreement between Science UU and the University of Trento and the Departements of Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics.

Courses at Master’s level

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Courses taught in English

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Housing assistance

Housing assistance

Estimated living costs per month

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  • 1 full academic year = 60  EC credits
  • 1 semester = 30 EC credits
  • 1 term/trimester = 20 EC credits

Grading scale

  • minimum pass: 18
  • adequate: 19-23
  • satisfactory: 24-26
  • good:  27-28
  • very good:  29-30
  • outstanding: 30 cum laude
Trento University Science Faculty

Contact information

The International Officer of the Faculty of Science is Noor Weelink. 


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