O.P. Jindal Global University, School of Liberal Arts & Humanities

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O.P. Jindal Global University, School of Liberal Arts & Humanities is an exchange destination for University College Utrecht students in Sonipat, India.

Jindal School of Liberal Arts & Humanities (JSLH) is India’s first transnational humanities school in partnership with Rollins College, Florida, and is part of the O. P. Jindal Global University at Sonipat in Haryana. JSLH offers a vibrant undergraduate program in the liberal arts and humanities.

Please note: During Spring Semester students will also get the possibility to apply for an internship in India. 



Number of places available

2 students per semester

Academic calendar

Fall Semester: Early August – late December (including exams)
Spring Semester: Early February – mid-June (including exams)

Language of instruction


Course offer

O.P. Jindal Global University has divided its education in six schools, of which the School for Liberal Arts & Humanities is of most interest to UCU students. JSLH offers a wide range of courses in nine academic disciplines: history, politics, sociology, anthropology, economics, literature, philosophy, psychology and performing and fine arts. On top of that, JSLH offers many interdisciplinary seminars. It is best to take courses in the School of Liberal Arts and Humanities, but the school is willing to discuss your course choice if you want to take some outside of JSLH. Science courses are very limited.  

The different schools are:

  • JSLH: Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities
  • JSGP: Jindal School of Government and Public Policy
  • JGLS: Jindal Global Law School
  • JGBS: Jindal Global Business School
  • JSIA: Jindal School of International Affairs
  • JSJC: Jindal School of Journalism and Communication

For an impression of the different majors click here, and for electives click here

Credit system

5 courses of 3 credits (15 JGU credits) correspond to 30 ECTS.


Grade system
UCU GradeJSLH Grading
AO (80% and above) [8.0]
A-A+ (75%-79%) [7.5]
B+A (70%-74%) [7.0]
BA- (65%-69%) [6.0]
B-B+ (60%-64%) [5.0]
C+B (55%-59%) [4.0]
CB- (50%-54%) [3.0]
C-F (50% or Below)

Students are recommended to live on-campus. JGU provides single-gender residential accommodation for its students in its Halls of Residence (with housekeeping services).


Exchange students are exempt from paying the tuition fees. The estimated costs for residence hall, dining and laundry for an academic semester are INR 100,000 (~ EUR 1250). Life in India is considerably less expensive than in the Netherlands.


All the JGU schools have orientation programs for their students. In addition, the International Office has scheduled an introductory section for all international students in the second week of August. You will be provided with the orientation schedule on your arrival at JGU. 


The university is located about 10 km outside the city of Sonipat (300,000 inhabitants) and the capital of India, Delhi (>16 million inhabitants) is 40 km from campus. Delhi is a city with much historical significance and is a popular tourist destination. It is a relatively safe city, although there are real issues with pollution.  

This region has a cold season from November until February with averages below 20 degrees, in the hot season between March and June, temperatures average above 35 degrees. 

Student life

The campus hosts some 6650 students. It has four dining halls where breakfast, lunch, evening snack and dinner are served seven days a week.  tThe campus has a gym, various sports and recreational facilities, a food village, a university coffee shop, a Health Centre, a bookstore, a library, ATM, 24-hours security, a transport desk and a laundry facility.  

Activities on campus range from societies focusing on Debating, Fine Arts, Literature, Music, or Human Rights, and sports teams that include Cricket, Football, Volleyball, or Badminton. There are also student-organized parties and events, such as movie nights and open mic nights. 

Take a virtual tour of the campus here

Students going to JSLH will be assigned a personal tutor for academic support. 

Student experiences

JSLH is a new destination, and therefore we have not received feedback from our students yet. 

More information

For information about the requirements for studying abroad, the application procedure and more, go to UCU's Study abroad page. 

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