Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

Nanyang Technological University Logo.

Nanyang Technological University  is an exchange destination for University College Utrecht students, located in Singapore.

Nanyang Technological University is interesting for all fields.

Number of places available

5 per semester

Academic calendar

Fall Semester: August - December
Spring Semester: January - May

Language of instruction

Except for the courses in the Division of Chinese, all courses are taught in English.

Course offer

In spite of its name, Nanyang Technological University does not only offer courses in Science, but has a broad supply of courses: there is, for example, also a College of Humanities, Arts and Social Science. In sum, there is an abundant choice for courses. 


Course levels

Nanyang University has four course levels. The first digit of the course (the first two letters indicate the code of the School) indicates the level. E.g. EE1xxx is a first year course in Electronic Engineering. 

Credit system

17 AU per semester, which corresponds to 30 ECTS.

Grade system

NTU uses a GPA system from 0-5, which corresponds to letter grades as follows: 

GradeBasic grade pointNanyang GPA

Housing is guaranteed to exchange students. You’ll be placed in one of the 16 residence halls for undergraduates. Most of these halls (not all!) have air-conditioning. You’ll get a double room. Off-campus housing can be more expensive. 


The undergraduate accommodation at the university costs $200-400 singapore dollarsper month, whereas food will cost you about €250 per month. Other expenses seem lower or comparable to the Netherlands. 


There is an orientation period of two weeks which consists of a general introduction and separate orientations for clubs, schools, and residential halls. Find out more here


NTU is in Singapore, a city-state with over 5 million inhabitants. It is one of the most densely populated countries in the world and is known for its modern cityscape as well as experiments with green cities. Find out more here

Singapore has a tropical climate. It lacks seasons and temperatures are always between 25 and 33 degrees with high humidity. There is always a lot of rainfall, but especially in November-January.  

Student life

NTU is located on a big residential campus, which is ranked among the most beautiful in the world. There are many food options on the campus, as well as sports facilities. There are many clubs for sports, as well as social and cultural activities. There are about 33,000 students at NTU. 

The university also offers career guidance and wellbeing counselling

Student experiences

The courses at NTU are variable, some comparable to UCU, others easier. Getting into your preferred courses is quite complicated, so keep that in mind when planning your curriculum. The dormitories at NTU are small, but very convenient and clean. Cooking is hardly possible, but as eating out is very cheap, this was not considered a problem. Read up a little bit on Singapore: ‘the history, culture and political system are very interesting and you’ll understand the country better’. Of course, Singapore is very a good base to travel around in Asia cheaply, but don’t forget to visit Singapore itself! 

More information

For information about the requirements for studying abroad, the application procedure and more, go to UCU's Study abroad page. 

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