Double Degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences and Physics

Please find below a recording of the 'Double Degree in Physics Webinar'. 

In this webinar Double Degree student Yoldaş, together with Dr. Filipe Freire (Physics Lecturer & Track Coordinator) and Kim Zwitserloot (Assistant Professor in Economics, tutor, and International student recruiter), explain everything you need to know about the content of the Double Degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences and Physics, the entry requirements and what you can do afterward.

You can watch the webinar on the YouTube channel of University College Utrecht.

Find out more about the double degree Liberal Arts and Sciences with Physics

The Double Degree in Physics and Liberal Arts and Sciences (DDLP) is a unique programme and opportunity. You will learn about the fundamental principles and laws that govern our physical world, all in the context of a Liberal Arts and Sciences education, which promotes interdisciplinary perspectives and knowledge. The DDLP is made possible through the collaboration of University College Utrecht (UCU), the pioneer Liberal Arts & Sciences University College in the Netherlands, and the internationally recognised Department of Physics of University Utrecht (UUDP).

After completion of this programme you will have two fully accredited bachelor’s degrees, one in Liberal Arts & Sciences and one in Physics & Astronomy.

The programme

You will follow courses and modules in physics and mathematics, both at UCU and UUDP, including the graduation thesis. The courses you take at UCU will count for your UCU Liberal Arts & Sciences degree; the courses you take at UUDP, in combination with the Physics courses completed at UCU, will count for your degree in Physics. You conclude your programme with a 15 ECTS bachelor thesis in Physics, which counts for both degrees. In your first year at UCU you complete the general UCU requirements, and the physics and mathematics courses required to pre-register for the DDLP at the end of the year. During your second year you complete several DDLP-required courses in which you will be gradually introduced to the different class formats and methods at the Department of Physics. At the end of the year, you are admitted to the DDLP if you complete all required courses with at least a C. From your 5th semester onwards, you will be taking courses at both UCU, broadening your LAS training, and the Department of Physics.

The time needed to complete the DDLP is four years. This means that in addition to the three required years at UCU, the extra time needed is one academic year. After completing this programme you will be very well prepared to apply to all the master’s programmes in Physics at University Utrecht, or elsewhere.

Curriculum example

Enrolment in Studielink

While following the DDLP programme, you need to be simultaneously registered during your fourth year, in both degree programmes of the double degree: Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS) at UCU, and Physics.

You will need to do the following:

  • Before 1 April in your third year at UCU, you need to apply in Studielink for the UU bachelor's programme in Physics & Astronomy, following your approval to join the DDLP programme by UCU. 
  • For the LAS programme at UCU, you need to re-enrol in Studielink (as you did in the years prior), following the instructions usually sent out by the Central Student Administration (CSA) during the summer after your third year at UCU.
  • In your application for Physics, there is no need to re-upload documents you submitted already as part of your original application to UCU (such as your high school transcript or your English language score), only a statement that you will join the DDLP programme.

Tuition Fees

You only need to pay tuition fees once for each academic year. For EU/EEA students this will be the prevalent (statutory) UCU tuition fee rate; for non-EU/EEA students this will be the institutional tuition fee rate (non-EU tuition fee rates for LAS and Physics are identical). 


Students enrolled in DDLP are not eligible for housing on-campus at University College Utrecht in year 4, although a request can be made and is subject to availability. 

Registration for courses

  • Courses that you take at UCU (courses starting with UC…) count towards your UCU degree (some will also count for your Physics degree)
  • Courses that you take at UUDP (courses starting with NS..) count towards your Physics degree
  • There is no need to request UUDP courses as Off-Campus Courses (OCC’s) at UCU.
  • You will register for the thesis at UUDP (on an NS research project course code); the thesis will count towards both degrees.

More information


Download the DDLP booklet
Sample curriculum