The Double Degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences and Physics (DDLP) is a unique program that integrates the liberal arts educational approach, pioneered in the Netherlands by University College Utrecht (UCU) with the classic physics training offered by the internationally recognized Department of Physics and Astronomy (DPA) of University Utrecht (UU). The program offers an innovative model to train physicists combining sound disciplinary knowledge in physics with broader communication competences and interdisciplinary perspectives. By doing both degrees simultaneously students optimize time, facilitate their curriculum planning, and avoid paying the high institutional tuition fee for a second bachelor degree programme.

After completion of this programme you will have two fully accredited Bachelor degrees, one in LA&S and one in Physics.

The program

The DDLP comprises a minimum of 225 ECTS, which amounts to 45 ECTS on top of the 180 ECTS for a regular three years UCU Bachelor. In the 1st year you complete the UCU wide requirements courses and the physics and mathematics courses required to pre-register to the DDLP at the end of the year. During the 2nd year you complete several DDLP required courses where you will be gradually introduced to the different class formats and methods at the Department of Physics. At the end of the year, based on a set of motivation criteria and academic performance, you are admitted to the DDLP. For the remaining semesters of your programme, DDLP can be completed in three-and-a-half or four years. You take courses at both UCU, broadening your LA&S training and the UU Department of Physics. You conclude your program with a 15 ECTS Bachelor thesis. After completing this program you are qualified to apply to all master’s programs in physics at Utrecht University and elsewhere in the Netherlands or abroad.


To take part in the Double Degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences and Physics you apply to UCU like any other UCU student. 

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