Next to curriculum enrichment options at University College Utrecht, there are other options as well for which you receive ECs.

Descartes College

The Dutch-language Descartes College of Utrecht University offers interdisciplinary courses for motivated Bachelor students. 

European Liberal Arts Network (ELAN)

The European Liberal Arts Network (ELAN) is an innovative and strategic educational network designed to promote and develop a Liberal Arts approach to tertiary education. 

STREAM – Honours Research Internships Abroad

STREAM (STudent REseArch Mobility) is a pilot of the League of European Research Universities (LERU). This League consists of the most prominent research universities in Europe. There are many research opportunities at these universities, which they are opening up to students from all universities that are a member of LERU.

Further options

Next to the options that are awarded by ECs, there are yet other enrichment possibilities worth considering. These are activities to enrichen your study experience, but they do not contribute towards honours certificate requirements.