What is a minor?

A minor consists of at least 30 credits of content-related courses, including at least 7.5 credits at level 3. At least 7.5 credits must be completed at UCU (with the exception of the Entrepreneurship minor offered at Utrecht School of Economics).
All courses in the minor must be passed with a grade of C- or higher. Pass/fail courses do not count towards a minor. Courses within the minor count towards the degree requirement of 180 EC.

Declaring a minor

Students may request to complete one or more minors outside the departments of their major. To declare a minor, please file a curriculum request.

Specific minors offering

More information is available about the minor Methods & Statistics, the minor Entrepreneurship.

Other examples

Minors are named after the main academic field of the related set of courses they entail. That does not mean they need to necessarily all originate in the academic field.

History (or Humanities) minor focussing on Conflict Studies with a choice of 4 courses with a minimum of 1 level 3 course:

level 1 level 2 level 3
take your pick Human Trafficking

The Arab-Israeli Conflict

  Understanding Conflict Transitional Justice
  Conflict Studies: Theory & Skills Advanced International Relations
  Literature & Human Rights The Digital Citizen


A Science minor in Philosophy of Science:
Introduction to Philosophy (UCHUMPHI11)
History and Philosophy of Science (UCSCIHIS11)
Cultural History of Magic and Science (UCHUMHIS24)
Making Modern Science (BETA-B3MMS)


Utrecht University offers over 100 different minors (most of them in Dutch). Search minors at Utrecht University. Per minor you can find where to go for more information, what the entry requirements are and how to register.