Campus Access

XS Card and Keys

All students receive an XS card (electronic key). The XS cards are individually programmed for each student. They provide access to the campus, the academic buildings, the residences, and the Dining Hall and bar. The card remains property of University College Utrecht. Loss and/or damage of the card must be reported to the Landlord immediately, otherwise the student will be held responsible for any subsequent misuse of or abuse of the XS card. If a student loses the XS card, a €25 fee will be deducted from their Housing deposit.

A ‘normal’ key is issued for the individual student rooms and the mailboxes. In case of loss, a fee of approximately €6 will be deducted from their Housing deposit.

Access to Campus

Students have 24-hour access to the campus through the pedestrian gate (pedestrians and bikes only!). Opening hours of the gates are as follows:

  • The car entrance (Kromhoutweg) is open from approximately 06:00 until 01:00
  • The bike gate (next to the tower building) is open 06:00 – 01:00 (and cannot be used 01:00 – 06:00)
  • The pedestrian gate (Campusplein) is unlocked from 08:00 – 23:00, and can be opened with an XS card at all other times.

Please note that guests leaving between 01:00 and 06:00 must be escorted to the gate by their hosts. Guests arriving after 23:00 should be aware that there is no doorbell at the gate.

Anyone who wishes to leave the campus with a car after 01:00 must call security at 1300, and pay a €28 fee. Students are requested not to park in the Prins Hendriklaan. 

It is forbidden to prop any of the gates open, as this is considered endangering to the safety of campus buildings and residents, and will be dealt with accordingly.

Access to Academic buildings

The academic buildings are always locked, as access to campus is unrestricted during the day and expensive equipment is stored inside. However, students can access Locke, Newton, and Voltaire with their XS card from 8:30 until 01:00. The classrooms are locked after 18:00, but the study areas remain accessible until 01:00. Students living on the top floor of these buildings can access the hallway 24 hours a day, but the same hours apply to the classrooms and study-areas. 

Access to Dining Hall

The Dining Hall is accessible 24 hours a day with your XS card.

Access to Residences

Students have 24-hour access to their own residences and unit. The residences do not close for holidays, with the exception of the summer break (end of June – end of August).