Interdepartmental major

The requirements for a Bachelor of Arts with an interdepartmental major appear in section 3 of the Academic Rules and Regulations for your cohort.  

An interdepartmental major can be a good choice for a student with strong interest in two related disciplines from two different departments.  Once an interdepartmental major has been declared, however, a student's programme is less flexible than it would be if s/he were a Humanities, Social Sciences or Science major. 

Requesting an Interdepartmental Major

Interdepartmental majors meet graduation requirements with their own combination of courses. This combination of courses must form a coherent whole, and students requesting an interdepartmental major must motivate that combination when they apply for an interdepartmental major. Students must submit their request for interdepartmental major to the UCU Exam Board via their tutors. 

Methodology Courses

Interdepartmental majors must take all methodology courses required for majors in the departments from which their interdepartmental programme draws. 

  • One mathematics course
  • Three lab modules
Social Science
  • UACCMET22, 23, 24 or 25

Major Courses

Interdepartmental majors may complete requirements with tracks in any of the academic disciplines available for Humanities, Social Sciences or Science majors.